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After This Manner

AFTER THIS MANNER Matthew 6:9 INTRODUCTION 1. Jesus was not secretive about his praying; but he did concentrate

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Nehemiah’s Burden

NEHEMIAH – GOD’S BURDENBEARER The book of Nehemiah INTRODUCTION •    Not a prophet like Ezekiel, not a priest

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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

HERE TODAY AND GONE TOMORROW Visions of God’s Glory in the Book of Ezekiel Chapter 1, 8 through

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The Kings of Isaiah

The Kings of Isaiah Isaiah 1:1; and 2 Chronicles 26 through 28 INTRODUCTION : In these chapters, we

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Spiritual Depression

SPIRITUAL DEPRESSION Psalm 42:1 – 43:5 INTRODUCTION GOD VS JEHOVAH We want the power of God to do

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The Fool – Psalm 14

THE FOOL Psalm 14 INTRODUCTION Stephen Hawking has been professor of mathematics at the University of Cambridge for

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Knowing The Redeemer

SAINTS KNOWLEDGE OF THEIR REDEEMER Job 19:25 – 27 INTRODUCTION Review the story of Job I.    I Know

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Radical Choice

RADICAL CHOICE Matthew 7:21 – 27 INTRODUCTION The seventh chapter of Matthew begins with our judgment of ourselves,

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Judging the Judges

JUDGING THE JUDGES INTRODUCTION The book of Joshua is “Victory through Faith.”  The book of Judges is “Failure

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As The Hypocrites

AS THE HYPOCRITES Matthew 6:1 – 8 and 16 – 18 INTRODUCTION There is a story told of

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JOSHUA Joshua 1:6, 7, & 9 Be strong and of a good courage. INTRODUCTION Joshua’s original name was

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Six Contradictions

SIX CONTRADICTIONS Matthew 5:21 – 48 INTRODUCTION “Ye have heard that it was said by them of old

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The Lord’s Passover

THE LORD’S PASSOVER Exodus 12:1 – 4 INTRODUCTION No resolution has been found in the 6-month standoff between

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Grace in Our Souls

The Work of Grace in Our Soul Mark 4:26 through 29 INTRODUCTION: Look at the whole in this

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Day of Atonement

THE BLOOD ON THE DAY OF ATONEMENT Leviticus 16:1 – 34 (v. 29 – 31, 34) INTRODUCTION Atonement

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Wheat and Weeds

WHEAT AND WEEDS Matthew 13:24 – 30 & 36 – 43 INTRODUCTION Are you an inside-outsider or an

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Ten Commandments

TEN COMMANDMENTS Exodus 20:1 – 17 INTRODUCTION Why should we study the Ten Commandments?  “Wherefore the law was

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Demon Possessed Girl

Healing a Demon Possessed Girl Matthew 15:21 – 28 INTRODUCTION To what extent will you go for your

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Moses – Exodus 33:18

MOSES Exodus 33:18 – “Now show me your glory.” INTRODUCTION Moses had tried to free his people in

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Blind Bartemaeus – Mark 10:46-52

BLIND BARTIMAEUS Mark 10:46 – 52 INTRODUCTION This is a busy chapter.  It begins with “Two shall be

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