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Joseph – Genesis 50:20

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Genesis 50:20

Sir Walter Scott said, “O what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”
I.    Brothers: “What is this that God hath done unto us?  Genesis 42:28.
A.     Each man’s conscience was quickened, each man was afraid.
1.    Joseph accused them of being spies.  They had accused Joseph of spying on them for Jacob, Genesis 42:9, 21.
2.    They had wronged Joseph, Genesis 50:15.
3.    They had treated him badly, Genesis 50:17.
4.    They had intended to hurt him, Genesis 50:20.
B.    What was God doing?  Genesis 50:17 – 18 – God was bringing them to a place of forgiveness.

II.    Jacob: “God is doing nothing!”
A.    Genesis 28:15 – This is the first time God spoke to Jacob.
1.    God’s presence is promised, “I am with thee.”
2.    God’s protection is promised, “”will keep thee in all places.”
3.    God’s preservation is promised, “will bring thee again into this land.”
4.    God’s power is promised, “until I have done.”
B.    Genesis 31:3d – we can’t run ahead of God and we can’t lag behind.
C.    Genesis 42:36
1.    Jacob thinking his sons are innocent is angry, angry with God.
2.    Simeon was not dead.  He added to his sorrow by imagining the worst.  Now you want to take Benjamin away
3.    Joseph was sent before.
4.    Simeon was imprisoned to change Simeon.
5.    Benjamin was taken to find Joseph.
“Even when all circumstances seem negative, God is working positively, on behalf of those who are the called according to His purpose.  There is never just cause to fear that God has let things get out of control,” Henry Morris.

III.    Joseph: “What God did He intended for good.”
A.    Genesis 45:7 – Joseph was sent ahead to:
1.    Preserve Jacob’s seed to produce the nation of Israel.
2.    Provide a great deliverance . . .
a.    Wait until you see what I will do on Passover and at the Red Sea.
b.    Wait until you see what I will do at Calvary and at the tomb.
B.    Genesis 59:20

•    A Lesson of History – Through a clash of nations, Isaac and Ishmael, Jacob and Esau, God is working out his salvation history, Genesis 45:7.
•    A Lesson of Providence – Joseph was a victim of injustices, captured, sold, enslaved, falsely accused, imprisoned without trial, and forgotten by brothers and fellow prisoners, through these evils God was working for good.
•    A Lesson of Forgiveness
Revenge by Joseph, no
Repentance by the brothers, yes, Genesis 43:8 – 9, 44:32 – 33, Genesis 45:1 – the repentance was genuine.  Jesus has become our substitute, from the tribe of Judah.  We need to seek forgiveness for our sins.

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