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Blind Bartemaeus – Mark 10:46-52

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Mark 10:46 – 52

This is a busy chapter.  It begins with “Two shall be one, 1 – 12, Adults shall be as children, 13 – 16, the First shall be Last, 17 – 31, Servants shall be rulers, 32 – 45, and the Blind shall See, 46 – 52.
Jesus is now on his way to Jerusalem for the Passover and it is obvious that He is traveling with group of pilgrims.  Jesus was the sacrificial lamb to be offered this Passover.  He has crossed the Jordan River from the east, he has passed through old Jericho, and is about to enter new Jericho built by Herod for his winter palace.

I.    Bartimaeus’ Pitiful Condition, Mark 10:46
A.     He was blind, 10:46, and could do nothing to improve his spiritual condition.
B.    He was a beggar, 10:46, and do nothing to improve is social condition.

II.    Bartimaeus’ Persistent Cry, Mark 10:47 – 48
A.    He recognized who Jesus was – “Thou, Son of David,” 10:47.
1.    Son of David promised, 2 Samuel 7:16.
2.    Son of David proclaimed, Matthew 1:1.
3.    Son of David proven, Romans 1:3 – 4.
B.    He realized what Jesus could do
1.    This was his greatest opportunity.
2.    The greatest opportunity could pass by.
a.    Some in the crowd discouraged him, 10:48a.  We should never stand between a lost person and Christ.
b.    The crowd encouraged him, 10:49.  Jesus called him.  We encourage you; Jesus is calling today.  Let nothing get in your way, 10:50.
3.    The greatest opportunity may never return.  Why do men seek Jesus half-heartedly?  You do not feel sufficiently your sins!  If you were blind, you would seek any remedy.
4.    Christ’s way was better than his way.
C.    He saw what others did not.  He never saw a miracle, but he saw more than the high priest would see as Jesus was condemned to die.

III.    Bartimaeus’ Profession of Faith, Mark 10:51 – 52
A.    “What do you want me to do for you?”  Jesus wanted Bartimaeus to express his faith.  What do you believe God can do for you today?  His healing was an outward picture of his spiritual salvation.
B.    Jesus’ compassion, Matthew 20:34, is such that He will heal you today.

IV.    Bartimaeus’ Plan of Discipleship, Mark 10:52c
I am going to worship.  I am following Jesus.  The love of Christ constrained him and he had to follow.

Have we had our eyes opened by the Spirit of God?  Have we seen sin, Christ, holiness, and heaven in their true light?  Can we say with another blind man, “One thing I know, that whereas I was blind, not I see”?
We cannot acknowledge Jesus as our King unless we love Him supremely, obey Him unreservedly, and glorify Him completely.

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