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Demon Possessed Girl

Posted by on February 16th, 2011 with 0 Comments

Healing a Demon Possessed Girl

Matthew 15:21 – 28

To what extent will you go for your children’s medical condition?  Will you follow a doctor down a hospital corridor?  Would you chase a doctor down the street?  This woman did!

I.    She is a believing mother, 15:22b.  It is grace, not the place that makes believers.  In Bethany, this may not have been such a great statement.

II.    The disciples were impatient, 15:23.

III.    She is a persistent mother.
A.    She came the first time, 15:22.
B.    She crieth after us,” this implies multiple times, 15:23c.
C.    She was humble and respectful, “Lord, help me,” 15:25.  She knew there was no one else to help her.
D.    Everything was against her.  She was a Gentile, she was a woman an ordinary Rabbi may have ignored her.  The disciples/apostles seemed against her.  She may have thought Jesus was against her, he did not answer at first.

IV.    She is a praying mother.
A.    John 4:46ff
B.    Matthew 9:18ff
C.    Fathers and mothers need to remember the case of this mother.
D.    We cannot give our children a new heart.  We give them a Christian education, we show them the way to live, but we cannot give them a will to choose Christian service or a mind to love God.  There is one thing we can always do.  We can pray for them.
E.    This woman prayed for someone who could not.  “Even when they will not let us speak to them about religion, they cannot prevent us speaking for them to God.”

V.    Jesus’ reply to the woman, 15:28.  He was trying to draw out an answer and draw out her faith.  This woman had “mega faith.”

Mark 7:30 – the verb tense implies that by the time the woman arrived home, the demon had been gone from the time Jesus had spoken.  It was something that happened in the past with effects in the present and future.
To what extent will you go for your child’s spiritual condition?  Will you bring them to church?  Will you pray for them for years?  This woman did.

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