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Wheat and Weeds

Posted by on February 16th, 2011 with 0 Comments


Matthew 13:24 – 30 & 36 – 43

Are you an inside-outsider or an inside-insider?  The inside-outsider is in the church but outside an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.  You attend, maybe you have made a profession of faith, but you and God know it is not real.  One writer refers to you as the most dangerous person in the church.
The inside-insider is one who has trusted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  The power of the Christian life is experienced and expressed in the individual.

I.    There is one field, 13:24 & 38.  The field is the world.  It is humankind.

II.    There are two sowers, 13:24 – 25 & 37, 39.
A.    The Son of man
B.    The enemy
1.    ?????? – an adjective denoting hatred or hostile.  Romans 11:28 the Jews were hateful and hostile towards the Gospel.  If someone sows tares in your field, he does not like you.
2.    ???????? – the Devil, an accuser, a slanderer, this is one of the names of Satan.  There is no doubt who hates Jesus and the Gospel.

III.    There are two seeds, 13:24 – 25 & 37 – 38.
A.    Good seed, the believers
B.    Bad seed, weeds, unbelievers, darnel is noxious plant.  It looks just like wheat when growing.  The true wheat is a golden brown and the head droops over.  The head of the darnel is black, is light, and stands up straight.  A plant if you mix it with wheat and make bread it can make you sick, appear drunk, or hallucinate depending on how much is in the flour.
C.    The unbelievers are described in 13:41.
1.    Offend – or a stumbling block – ???????? – a trap to cause you to sin
2.    Do iniquity – are lawless – ??????? – the word literally means without law.  They live as they please without regard to God’s law.
They are the unguided, self-determined person that claims to be a Christian.

IV.    There are servants and reapers, 13:27 – 28 & 39, 41.
A.    Servants are the redeemed.
B.    Reapers are angels.

V.    There are two harvests, 13:30, and 40 – 43.

VI.    There are two results, 13:30, & 40 – 43.  (There are more verses about hell, than heaven in this parable.)
A.    There is a place to burn.
1.    The casting or flinging is expression of abhorrence.
2.    The furnace of fire is the fierceness of the torment.
3.    The wailing is the anguish.
4.    The gnashing of teeth is the awfulness and despair.
5.    This pictures the doom of the lost.
B.    There is the barn, v. 43 – Colossians 3:4.

The local church is a mixed community.  There are saved and lost in the church.  I know of a pastor in Illinois who will tell you that he was a lost church member.
The devil is a work in the church, Judas was among the apostles, Ananias and Sapphira were in the church at Jerusalem, 2 Corinthians 11:13 – 15, and Revelation 2:9b.
The final separation will take place at the end.  Open heretics and people in open and rebellious sin should be disciplined.  This passage is not talking about those individuals.
Today, you can move from dangerous to dynamic.  Are you a pawn of Satan or a plant of the Son of Man?
This parable tells us one important aspect of God.  It shows us in picture form his gracious patience, “until harvest.”  Do not misinterpret the longsuffering of God.  Are you ready for the harvest?  The ungodly tremble, the redeemed will take comfort.

This parable gives you an invitation, “who hath ears to hear, let him hear.”  You may be a tare today, but you can trust Christ fully today, and be wheat tomorrow.

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