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Joshua 1:6, 7, & 9

Be strong and of a good courage.

Joshua’s original name was Oshea, Numbers 13:8.  It meant “salvation.”  Moses changed it to Joshua, Numbers 13:16, it means, “Jehovah is salvation.”
“To be strong,” means he was weak; “to be of good courage,” means he was frightened; and “be not dismayed” means he would consider giving up.
Why would Joshua need to be strong and courageous?  Joshua had to overcome five things.

I.    Joshua overcame the demands of leadership.  Imagine following Moses, “and there arose not a prophet since in Israel like unto Moses,” Deuteronomy 34:10.  It takes a new leader to lead a new generation.
A.    Joshua’ Past, Joshua 1:1.  He was a faithful servant and God was educating him.
B.    Joshua’s Purpose is, Joshua 1:2b.  Do not look at the people, or yourself.  Look at God’s purpose for your life.
C.    God’s Presence is Joshua 1:5b.
D.    God’s Power is the dwelling of the Word of God, Joshua 1:8a.
“Courage is necessary in Christian work.  I have yet to find a man who is easily discouraged that amounts to anything anywhere,” D. L. Moody.

II.    Joshua overcame the evil influence of Egypt.
A.    Salvation is a new beginning, Joshua 5:4 – 7, & 9.
B.    Sin does not leave easily, Ezekiel 20:5 – 8  Joshua 24:14  Judges 2:6 – 7, 10 – 11, & 19.
C.    They compared the Promised Land to Egypt.  We compare being a Christian to our life before we were saved.

III.    Joshua overcame his enemies.
A.     At least 9 times in Exodus – Deuteronomy, God promised to drive out the enemy when the Israelites reached Canaan.  In Joshua 12, God kept his promise.  Joshua defeated 31 kings.  Canaan is not a picture of Heaven.
B.    God has defeated our enemy, Colossians 2:15.  “We do not fight for victory, we fight from victory.”

IV.    Joshua overcame his own mistakes.
A.    The battle at Ai
1.    There was self-confidence after the battle of Jericho.  Joshua 7:1 – 4 – the leaders supposed that the victory at Jericho was won by their strength.  They really had nothing to do with it.
2.    There was sin in the camp.
a.    Joshua blamed God, Joshua 7:7.
b.    We do not stand alone, Joshua 7:11.
c.    “It wasn’t that much,” just one outfit and $600.00 worth of metal, Joshua 7:21.
B.    The treaty with the Gibeonites
1.    The Gibeonites “did work wilily,” Joshua 9:3 – 6.
2.    The Israelites “asked not counsel at the mouth of the Lord,” Joshua 9:14.  They went by sight, not by faith.

V.    Joshua overcame unbelief.
A.    Hebrews 11:30
B.    Joshua 21:45

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