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Radical Choice

Posted by on February 16th, 2011 with 0 Comments


Matthew 7:21 – 27

The seventh chapter of Matthew begins with our judgment of ourselves, v. 1 – 5; then our judgment of others, 7:6 – 20, but the most important section is God’s judgment of us, 7:21 – 29.  We will consider that third section today.

I.    Empty Heads,7:21 – 23
A.    There is a religion of profession, v. 21.
1.    Judas is the example of this, look what he said when he betrayed Jesus, Mark 14:45.  May be Judas was honest; he did not call Jesus, “Lord.”  He called him Rabbi.
2.    When we are born again, we have the Spirit of God, Romans 8:9.
3.    When we are born again, we have the love of God, Romans 5:5.
B.    There is a religion of merit, v. 22.  Perhaps some of these things fit you:  baptized, church member, know books of the Bible, give to the church, you even know some of the verses of the songs.  “They bring their bodies to the house of prayer, but not their soul,” A. W. Pink.  Trust Jesus Christ as your Savior and live a holy and humble life.
C.    There is the result of departure, v. 23.
1.    Those who “work iniquity” “practice lawlessness.”  The verb implies a continuous regular action.  The word means without law.  You do not want to follow God’s word.  You are like the tares in the parable from last week.  You are not the world’s worst person.
2.    Whatever their works, they did not do the will of God, v.21; they did not bring forth good fruits, v. 18; they did not work righteous ness, 5:20, 6:33.  Jesus knows and you know your heart, James 2:14.

II.    Empty Hearts, 7:24 – 27
A.    There is a religion of hearing, v. 26 – sand castles.
1.    A day at the beach is a fun day, but it cannot be a way of life.  These two men built houses that looked exactly alike, the same floor plan, the same doors, windows, and siding.
2.    It looks good, it feels good, but do not flatter yourself about your behavior, to say, “I am not as bad as.”
3.    “A religion which costs us nothing, and consists in nothing but hearing sermons, will always prove at last to be a useless thing,” J. C. Ryle.
B.    There is a religion of doing, v. 24 – He repents, believes, ceases evil, and clings to good.
1.    The secret is the foundation.
a.    Luke 6:48 – digged deep
b.    He “foundationed” his house on the rock, on Jesus Christ.
2.    “In the time of trial his religion does not fail him; the floods of sickness, sorrow, poverty, disappointments, bereavements, beat upon him in vain.  His soul stands unmoved; his faith does not give way. . . .  His religion may have cost him trouble in time past; his foundation may have been obtained with much labor and many tears: . . .  But his labor has not been thrown away: he now reaps a rich reward.  The religion that can stand trial is the true religion,” J. C. Ryle.
3.    James 1:22 or Titus 1:15 – 16 – which describes your life?

•    Jesus concluded his Sermon on the Mount with three pairs: good tree and corrupt tree, broad way and narrow way, sand foundation and rock foundation.
•    The two ways tell us to examine the cost of our profession.
•    The two trees tell us to investigate whether our lives have really changed.
•    The two houses remind us that true faith will last in storms of life and final judgment.
•    Now, here is the radical choice you must make.  There are only two ways narrow and broad, and only two foundations rock and sand.  On which foundation are we building?  On which road are we traveling?  The song says, “The road less traveled, will take me home.”

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