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Spiritual Depression

Posted by on February 16th, 2011 with 0 Comments


Psalm 42:1 – 43:5

We want the power of God to do something.     We want the presence of the covenant
in the day and night.
Lovingkindness is the covenant word, Jeremiah 9:24

I.    The Longings of a Godly Soul, 42:1 – 5
A.    Absence of God
He thirsts for God.
He remembers the past festivals, v. 2a.
He wants to return to the house of God, v. 4.
B.    Presence of the Enemies, v. 3b & 10
Your enemies will make taunt you, “where is your God?”
Your enemies serve gods they can see and touch.  They were idolaters.
We serve the living God.  He is invisible and intangible.

II.    The Conflicts of a Godly Soul, 42:6 – 11- there is a conflict of emotion.  There are opposite emotions.
A.    Overwhelmed by distance, he is somewhere in northeast Israel.  He feels alone.  He is cast down but remembers God.
B.    Overwhelmed by water
1.    This is figurative.  You feel like there is just one thing on top of another.  (In verse one; he used the opposite figure of being thirsty.
2.    Compare this to a literal example, Jonah 2:3, 5 – 7, 10 – God commanded the whale.
3.    God commanded his lovingkindness, 42:8
C.    Overwhelmed by grief
1.    God has forgotten, 42:9b
2.    I am going to a funeral, “go I mourning,” 42:9b
3.    It cuts to the bone, 42:10
The Apostle Paul understood these feelings, 2 Corinthians 4:8 – 9

III.    The Anticipation of a Godly Soul, 43:1 – 5
A.    Calls of God, v. 1
B.    Closer to God, v. 3 – 4
1.    The Plea, v. 3a – send light and truth.  Jesus answered that prayer.  He is the light of the world.  He is the way, truth, and the life.  He is praying for God to do something.
2.    The Progression, 3b – 4
a.    The holy hill
b.    The tabernacle
c.    The altar
d.    The praise

Do you talk to yourself?  The psalmist did, 42:5, 11 & 43:5.  Some say it is a sign of madness others say it is a sign of maturity.  It all depends what you are talking about.
•    He questions himself, “Why are you cast down?”  The question implies a rebuke.
•    He exhorts himself, “hope in God.”
•    He assures himself, “for I shall yet praise him.”
•    Is God your “exceeding joy?”  43:4

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