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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Posted by on February 16th, 2011 with 0 Comments


Visions of God’s Glory in the Book of Ezekiel

Chapter 1, 8 through 11, & 43

• The prophet Ezekiel was 25 years old when he was taken captive. After 5 years in captivity, God calls him to prophetic ministry. He was of the priestly line when your ministry began at age 30. This is why Jesus was thirty when he began his earthly ministry.
• The people he would minister to are described in 2:6.
• Over 50 times for both phrases, Ezekiel uses the words, “the word of the Lord came,” and “I am the Lord.” His was a godly message.

I. The Glory of God Descends in Babylon, 1:26 – 28.
A. In the Whirlwind, he sees light, 1:4. He sees “a fire infolding itself,” “a brightness,” “burning coals of fire,” “fire was bright,” and “flash as lightning.” God is light,
B. In the Winged Creatures, he sees life, 1:5 – 25.
1. There were 4 wings on each creature.
2. There were 4 faces on each creature. The lion is the king of animals, the ox is the king among domesticated animals, the eagle is the king of the birds, and man is to have dominion over all, Jewish tradition.
3. There were 4 wheels one for each creature.
C. In the Wonder, he sees the “likeness of the glory of the Lord,” 1:26 – 28. Ezekiel saw the same throne as Isaiah and John in Revelation. This shows to me unity in authorship and inspiration by the Holy Spirit.
D. The symbols of the vision tell us God can go everywhere, see everything, and has power in every place. God has not abandoned His people. God sees in every direction. God is still on His throne.

II. The Glory of God Departs from Jerusalem, chapters 8 – 11. This vision comes 14 months after the first.
A. 8:4 – they provoked God, 8:16, 2 Chronicles 29:6 – 7.
B. 9:3 – the glory of God moves from the Holy of Holies over the mercy seat on the Ark Covenant to the threshold. When this happens, God has no pity, 8:18. He tells the man with the inkhorn “set a mark” (v.4) and have no pity, (v. 5). During the Tribulation period, men will have the mark of the beast and God will have no pity, v. 10. Do not think you can escape, v. 11.
C. 10:4 – it seems as though God is reluctant to leave.
D. 11:17 – 23 – God will give those who believe a new heart. We need a new heart because this one is beyond repair. It is totaled. Your heart is totally depraved.
E. Do you want God’s regeneration or God’s recompense, v. 21?

III. The Glory of God Reaches its Destination, chapter 43.
The glory came from the east, v. 2.
The glory came by the way of the gate, v. 4.
The glory filled the house and I heard him speak, v. 5 – 6.
The glory’s voice was like the noise of many waters, v. 2.
The glory is Jesus. Jesus is coming again.
The glory will reign, v. 7 Isaiah 66:1.
God will return home, Acts 1:9 – 11.

• God gave Ezekiel this vision to show the people they need to repent, v. 10.
• God gave me this message and you this opportunity to repent because Jesus is coming again. Jesus is coming home.

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